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November 11, 2014

Is it still the prices, stupid?

If we can’t reduce price, then the US must focus on strategies to reduce payment variation and achieve value

In 2003, health policy experts Gerard Anderson and Uwe Reinhardt, along with two Johns Hopkins doctoral candidates, published an article in Health Affairs provocatively titled It’s The Prices, Stupid: Why The United States Is So Different From Other Countries. The article reports data from 2000 published by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that showed U.S.

October 30, 2014

APCDs and More: 8 Key Takeaways from the NAHDO Annual Conference

Health data organizations reveal the opportunities, changes and challenges brought on by the surge of healthcare data

The 2014 National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) 29th Annual Conference and APCD Workshop was recently held in downtown San Diego. With over 200 attendees and speakers from government, research and healthcare institutions, the event explored the current challenges and discoveries related to healthcare data and reform. Here are some key takeaways from the three-day event:

1. APCDs are not going away.

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September 29, 2014
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September 29, 2014

Solving the Urban Conundrum: Four Accountable Care Models for Smaller Markets

A new Treo report explores how smaller markets can curb outmigration to urban communities

Today, there are hundreds of ACOs and PCMHs across the country and they are mostly located in more urban, densely populated areas for a whole host of reasons, ranging from having the critical mass of patients to having the organizational capacity to begin accepting risk, including the data infrastructure to inform population health management.

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December 13, 2013
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November 25, 2013

Targeting Diabetes Versus Total Illness Burden: Choosing the More Refined Path to Population Health Improvement

Identifying patient segments for targeted care management

Effective population health improvement rests on identifying the best opportunities for intervention- the right intervention for the right people at the right time. Many organizations stepping into population health management – accountable care organizations, health plans, employer self-funded plans – want to avoid the pitfalls of past efforts that have failed to achieve meaningful improvement (e.g., most instances of disease management).
November 19, 2013

Medicaid is Leading Health System and Payment Innovation - But Where Is It Taking Us?

Five predictions for the future of Medicaid

By 2023 the federal, state and local governments will be picking up the tab for 50% of projected US health expenditures. They will squeeze out employers, private payers and households.* Currently, in 2013, state Medicaid programs are preparing for the challenge.